Mayo Woodlands | Rochester, Minnesota


The Mayo Family of Rochester, MN commissioned a new 120-dwelling residential community over 220 acres of farmland and woodland in the quickly growing city of Rochester.  ALTUS Architecture + Design collaborated with landscape architect Coen + Partners along with Salmela Architect to develop a new typology of suburban development; one that is rooted to a particular place and regional history.  Having to work from a predetermined engineer's plat, the site was delineated into three distinct regions based on vegetation conditions; 'prairie', 'village' (in between woods and road) and 'woods'.  Tallgrass, a single unifying element reminiscent of the site's agricultural past, was overlayed over all three zones and permeated to establish individual lots.  Linear elements, such as fences, stone walls, and screens, were conceived as a counterpoint to the traditional layout of winding streets and cul-de-sacs normally associated with suburban America.  These elements give form to three distinct neighborhoods within the larger development.  Modern housing prototypes, specific to their respective neighborhoods, were designed with efficient framing methods and common building materials in mind.  


Conception:  2002

Size:  220 acres / 120 dwellings

Design Team:
ALTUS Architecture + Design
Coen + Partners
Salmela Architect

2008 AIA Minnesota Honor Award
2003 Progressive Architecture Award